Carpet effects offering unlimited design options

ALPHA 500 Series in combination with the new Multi Weft Selector offers endless possibilities and new options for designers and carpet weavers. The Multi Weft Selector features a modular design, which means the mill can equip a weaving machine with any required number of modules: 2+2, 2+4, 3+3, and so on, up to a maximum of 6+6 weft selectors, allowing 6+6 fillings. This variability of the fillings is the key technology to create astonishing carpet effects, either trendy or traditional, depending on your needs.

Magic Weft Effect
Innovative patterns on the carpet ground can be produced with this weave structure. Different weft colours are visible along one pick line.

Magic Weft Effect 3
A new carpet technology where different wefts are visible next to each other at the same pick line, enabling "free Jacquard patterning" with up to 6 weft yarns.

Magic Shadow Effect
Production of modern living styles carpets showing an uni-colour pattern emerging through different angles.

Traditional Carpet Effect
Carpets woven with 1020 reed/m, eight colours, and combined with this effect appear to be hand-knotted (on the front and on the backside of the carpet).The difference to man-made products is noticeable only to experts. 4m weaving width is possible.