Technical parameters – ALPHA 500 UNIVERSAL

Max. number of
piles threads
Jacquard format
A = 6720, B = 8448
13440A + A
15168A + B
16896B + B
20160A + A + A
25344B + B + B
26880A + A + A + A
33792B + B + B + B
Main characteristicsALPHA 500 UNIVERSAL
Functional principleDouble rapier system with take-over on top, direct drive technology.
ControlOne multi-colour touchscreen interface for the whole system; data transfer between weaving machine, Jacquard machine, dobby and warp-beam stand by Ethernet-based real-time bus; energy recuperation.
Shed formation of pile yarnElectronically controlled Stäubli 3-position Jacquard machine type LX 2493; heavy-duty bearings, gearbox and coaxial shaft system; optimized M6T modules; up to 4 Jacquard heads on top of one loom; heavy-duty filters; Quick Link harness connection; optional liquid-cooled servo drive.
Shed formation of ground warpElectronically controlled rotary dobby 2688 with 12 harness frames.
MaintenanceCentralized liquid-cooled lubrication system; maintenance intervals are electronically monitored and displayed. Remote diagnostics are possible.