Technical parameters – ALPHA 500 LEANTEC

Max. number of
pile threads
Qty of bobbinsBobbins per rowL (mm)
Main characteristicsALPHA 500 LEANTEC
Functional principleSingle or double rapier system with take-over on the top, electronic weft feed.
ControlOne central panel; multi-tasking CPU. 
Shed formation of ground warpServo-controlled dobby UNIVAL 500T.
Field of applicationShaggy, greige material for printing, artificial grass.
Nominal machine widthA 500 LT NB53, pile drawing-in width up to 5100 mm.
A 500 LT NB43, pile drawing-in width up to 4100 mm.
MaintenanceCentralized lubrication; Maintenance intervals are electronically monitored and displayed; Remote diagnosis facility.