Technical fabric weaving

Stäubli product solutions for manufacturing technical fabrics

The range of applications for technical textiles, especially fabrics, is constantly expanding to encompass new and more challenging applications. Who would have believed 20 years ago that the cabins of large airplanes would one day be made of fabric-reinforced plastics? It has become standard practice today. With the expanding diversity of technical fabrics, the demands on machines for producing technical textiles are also increasing. The machinery must be able to process and handle an ever-increasing number of new yarn materials. What’s more, increasingly complex types of bindings and weave structures are required, such as multilayer and spacer fabrics or fabrics with variable density.

Stäubli has responded to such new demands from the world of technical textiles with a range of machines well suited to advanced production methods and unconventional materials. These machines possess flexibility with regard to the field of application and thus represent a safe investment in the future. What follows are a few examples of how Stäubli’s solutions can support you in the successful production of technical textiles.

OPW airbag
Custom-designed airbags

Optimal passenger safety in modern motor vehicles is always a prime concern, and the technical solutions are expanding. Airbags around the head considerably increase the degree of protection. With Stäubli LXL Jacquard machine, OPW airbags can be made with woven-in seams to perfectly achieve the needed shape – providing maximum safety at a reasonable manufacturing cost.

Close-up of a safety belt
High-quality seatbelts

Seatbelts that hold you safely in case of a car crash tolerate zero defects, meaning 100% quality is required. Special manufacturing methods are required. For example, the belts designed to absorb impact forces are usually woven with two or more layers using highly specialized fibers in a complex weave structure which can be easily made by Stäubli LX12, LX32, and LX62 Jacquard machines.

3D weaving of carbon fibre
3D weaving for automobile

Multilayer 3D textiles now are being used in automotive applications with increasingly more stringent mechanical requirements. Critical in such industrial textile production is the ability to precisely control the arrangement of the warp threads within the shed of the various layers. Customers can rely on Stäubli UNIVAL 100 which has individual control of each warp thread by its own actuator for weaving Multilayer 3D textiles.

Lightweight carpeting in aircraft interior
Lightweight carpeting

In aircraft design, every kilogram of extra weight counts, so floor coverings must also be lightweight and at the same time meet elevated technical requirements such as abrasion and fire resistance. The ALPHA 500 SINGLELOOP can produce carpets with very fine loops of only 2 mm and meet highest quality requirements.

Sports and leisure
Inflatable boat on a lake with lightweight hull
Woven boat hulls

In boat building, lightweight hulls with the necessary form and stiffness are essential. An ideal base material for hulls is spacer fabric with a uniform and defined distance between the layers. Spacer fabrics produced on a Stäubli TF weaving machine have the required compressive and shear strength for hull construction – thanks in part to high-precision shed formation under constant high warp tension.

Close up of woven synthetic grass </