Technical fabric weaving

Solutions for innovative fabrics in any industry

Applications for technical textiles are expanding into a number of new and challenging areas: automobile, protection, construction, aviation…etc. The list of application possibilities could go on endlessly. New ideas arise every day as researchers and engineers find new areas in which technical advances, better materials, weight reduction, cost savings and much more can be realized through the use of technical textiles.

No matter where you find them across the world, the woven fabrics used in technical applications were likely produced with high-performance machines from Stäubli.


Automotive crash test, head of a dummy against air bag
Application solutions

With its extensive product range of textile machinery, Stäubli offers weavers a virtually unlimited design freedom to produce innovative fabrics for applications in most advanced sectors, such as aeronautics, automotive, geotechnical and agricultural.

Reinforcing fabric for lightweight application
Binding technologies

Stäubli weaving machinery allows combining a wide variety of yarn materials into a fabric as well as the production of multi-layer fabrics with variable thickness or new types of spacer fabrics. Find out more about our examples of technical textiles with specific properties.