Carpet weaving technologies

Solutions for vintage carpets with a realistic used look

Modern vintage carpets with a used look remain a strong trend, till now in tone-on-tone, but this year also in high contrast color combinations.

Stäubli, with its product line Schönherr carpet systems, offers technologies – to be used with the ALPHA 500 series – for the creation of 'worn' areas on carpet surfaces. With these technologies, Stäubli allows designers to create vintage carpets with a realistic used look and to set extraordinary color accents. The broad range of design enable carpet producers to serve an expanded market.

Magic weft effect duo
Magic Weft Effect Duo

Using this unique MWE Duo effect, designers can create designs that include “faded out” areas. This is done by weaving a gradual transition from 100% cut pile to a pure weft pattern, creating areas with a “thinned out” pile. This technology also enables additional color effects by combining up to 12 cut pile colors and up to 5 weft colors per gripper. This allows carpet designers to set extraordinary color accents.

Binding technology floating pile
Varying the pile float length

The designer can vary the length of the pile floats to create the vintage look: Longer floats show more between the piles than short floats, creating the impression of worn areas. By having some of the dead-pile threads float between the pile, the pile height appears to be even lower, and the carpet back is made softer as well. This requires a full 3-position Jacquard such as the Stäubli LX 2493.