ITMA 2019 Frame weaving

A wide range to respond to all your needs

Stäubli’s wide range of cam motions and rotary dobbies answer the requirement for flexibility and high performance in weaving mills today.

At ITMA 2019, Stäubli will unveil its new S1792 cam motion which has up to 10 levers designed for high performance in air-jet applications.

Staubli provides cam motion series S1300, S1600 and S1700 for all types of weft insertion systems. In addition, our proven rotary dobby series S2600, S3000 and S3200. All series are in robust design with high performance for high speed.

Discover a complete range of solutions adapted to weavers' factory needs at Stäubli's booth C201 / Hall 4 in ITMA 2019.

Stäubli cam motions S1792
Cam motions for air-jet

Ever faster, ever longer, ever more challenging – the demands placed on frame weaving are constantly increasing. One answer to this is the new S1792, a cam motion for air-jet weaving machine which, in combination with the reinforced e32/33 harness motion, is ideally suited to achieving maximum performance.

Complete range of Stäubli cam motions and rotary dobbies
A wide range for all your needs

A complete range of cam motions, rotary dobbies and system components delivers outstanding efficiency and reliability; giving mills maximum flexibility to weave plain fabric, patterned material, heavy and technical fabrics, double-pile fabric, velvet cloth and carpeting.

Stäubli showcases all benefits to our customers with industry 4.0 application at ITMA 2019
Industry 4.0

Now, Industry 4.0 is an opportunity to strength