The formula for the future: robots for medical devices

As a medical device manufacturer, you expect your automation partner to have interdisciplinary expertise. And as mechanical engineers, we pride ourselves on combining expertise in the regulatory environment with scientific understanding and technical perfection. This results in robotic solutions for safe and efficient processes.

We are pleased to be your partner and supplier for robotic applications such as the processing of complex orthopedic implants. You gain enhanced performance and relieve your employees of repetitive tasks. Our robots are also an excellent choice for injection molding or the assembly of blood pressure monitors, pacemakers and infusion bags. 

Success stories - Applications
Stäubli AG - Coloplast-Machine-pim-2x-69193-jpg-orig.jpg
Fully automated catheter inspection (MGS Automation)

The inspection of medical catheters is subject to the strictest standards. In the past, one hundred percent visual inspections were mandatory. Now, robots and camera inspection provide outstanding results.

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Robots in the reclamation of hip femoral bones for allografts (Texere)

Allografts are in high demand, because natural bone is the best material for bone implants. In order to rectify the current shortage of supply, a Belgian company has commissioned a globally unique facility for the automated processing of human bone tissue using Stäubli Stericlean robots.

H&O - Assembly and packaging of cryogas cartridges
Assembly and packaging of cryogas cartridges (H&O)

Two Stäubli robots, a SCARA and a six-axis machine, exemplify the contribution that automation can make to efficiency in the assembly and packaging of gas cartridges for CryoPens, the new wonder tool for the removal of skin blemishes. 

A robotic solution to guarantee hygiene and quality (Plastibell)

Thanks to Stäubli, Plastibell is meeting the most stringent standards in terms of hygiene, traceability and quality across the entire production process.