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Stäubli, your innovative partner in photovoltaics

Stäubli features a complete range of robotic solutions focusing on the specific needs of photovoltaic production. Our robots are designed to help reduce manufacturing costs while increasing throughput and quality, and are widely recognized for their reliability, precision and dexterity.

Crystalline silicon technology

Applications include the production of ingots, bricks, wafers, solar cells and C-Si modules.

Thin film technology

Stäubli robots bring high precision and reliability to the thin film production line. 

Technical characteristics

  • Closed robot arm with rigid structure
  • Clean robot for all applications
  • High speed
  • High accuracy
  • Smooth robot motion: best in its class


  • 25+ years experience in the cleanroom and semiconductor industries
  • Partnerships with system integrators and OEMs worldwide
  • Synergy between Electrical Connectors and Robotics division activities provides a global solution to PV module manufacturers
  • Dedicated line of robots for PV markets