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Solutions and applications for the plastics industry

Stäubli’s range of plastics robots is the first line of 6-axis robots designed specifically for use in the plastics industry. They were developed following detailed consultation and evaluation by both injection molding companies and system integrators, ensuring highly specialized automation solutions.

Flexibility Simply re-program the robot when the mold changes, and fully utilize the machine’s capacity by grouping various molds together. Our plastics robots can easily be integrated and moved to other injection molding machines (IMMs). New molds or processes are easily accommodated by our extensive plastics range.
Speed Stäubli plastics robots are the fastest 6-axis robots on the market in terms of speed and acceleration (for example, 0.8 second demold time inside a 4-second cycle).
Cleanliness Class 100 comes standard.
Fulfill plastics industry requirements The robots are available ready to use with pre-wired Euromap (Europe) or SPI (USA) hardware and safety interlock, along with dedicated industry interface.

Meeting a wide range of automation needs

High speed demolding

Our robots’ accuracy and inherent rigidity help to optimize demolding speed. A slim forearm minimizes mold opening time, while high positional accuracy means that the robot arm can be moved precisely to the demolding position. Stäubli has the fastest industrial robot available; interrupt intervals of just 0.59 seconds have been consistently achieved on specific demolding applications. Secondary operations can also be readily included in the robot’s cycle.

Two-shot molding

Our 6-axis robots can easily transfer and manipulate partly finished components between molds or IMMs for secondary molding and over-molding tasks.

In mold decoration and labeling

Labels for in mold decoration can be positioned accurately into the molds by the robot with a repeatability of ± 0.02 mm using specifically designed double-sided gripping mechanisms on the robot arm. Molds featuring 4 or even 8 cavities can be filled, each with a different decorative label if required.

Insert loading

Any shape, size and quantity of insert can readily be loaded into the mold by our plastics robots. The full, 6-axis movement ensures precision placement and minimum mold opening time.

Controlled environment molding

Our plastics robots, approved to Class 100, are suitable for operation in cleanrooms and low contamination environments in the medical, pharmaceutical, PV, optical and electronics industries.

Product assembly

Stäubli robots are ideally suited to perform a full range of assembly tasks either alongside the IMM or downstream.


The high dexterity of our plastics robots can accommodate the most demanding glue laying and sealing tasks.


Testing of the molded component is increasingly becoming a prerequisite. Stäubli robots can typically perform the testing required within the cycle time of the IMM.


The molded part can be trimmed, desprued, reoriented, loaded and stacked directly into the output container by the robot, with all sequences completed within the operating cycle of the IMM.

Plastic injection molders are increasingly adding value to their offerings by incorporating additional operations into the basic demolding cycle. Stäubli’s range of plastics robots offers the ideal automation solution, providing high speed demolding as well as the flexibility and accuracy to perform a number of additional tasks.