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Machine tending robots: competence built on experience

Stäubli’s robotic solutions for machine tending are the product of substantial experience in machine tool loading and unloading. We have developed numerous solutions in conjunction with manufacturers and systems integrators on all types of machines including single-spindle, twin-spindle and multi-spindle lathes, rotary transfer and linear transfer machines, machining centers, tapping centers, grinding machines, honing machines, boring machines, cutting machines and super finish machines among many others.

IP65-rated, completely covered structureAbility to work in difficult environments (oils, chips, etc.)
Compact armSmall footprint
Take up very little spaceOperators are free to work without hindrance
Wrist joint adapted to machine tool applications No chip build-up on wrist
High repeatability levelsBetter quality
High displacement speed Improved productivity
Push for proper part positioning or pull for press unloading using joint releases Perfect part loading
Flexibility Suitable for short runs (100 parts or more)
Simplified programming User friendliness



TX60L Single-spindle lathe

Loading / unloading with double gripper.
Part feed and removal on a conveyor belt.
Compact cell that can be fitted on various machines.

Stäubli RX60 robot rotary transfer machine

The robot is integrated into the machine for loading/unloading with vision as an option. The result is economical production for short, medium and long runs.

Stäubli RX130 robot rotary transfer machine

Loading/unloading is performed with a double gripper. Features include an intermediate part setting down and picking up station, with part feed and removal via conveyor belt. Machine cycle time is just 90 seconds.

Stäubli RX130 robot machining center

Loading/unloading is performed with the robot and triple gripper. Four parts are machined simultaneously, utilizing a storage magazine for both rough and finished parts.The robot also manages operations peripheral to the machine, having two inspection stations and one marking station. Machine cycle time is 15 minutes for four parts. Additional machining functions include manufacturing urgency and order management, part sampling management, and interaction with the plant's centralized computer network.

Stäubli RX90 robot multi-spindle lathe

The robot is integrated into the machine to perform loading and unloading operations.