Hospital automation

When it comes to the health of patients, there is no room for error. Robotic solutions from Stäubli combine patient safety with high performance in applications like preparing and dispensing of chemotherapy drugs for individual patients, filling of syringes or safe handling of cytotoxic drugs.


TX40 cleanroom, high-precise dispensing of cytostatic solutions.

High-precision dispensing of drugs

In an innovative plant concept, a Stäubli TX40 cr takes on the job of combining toxic drugs for chemotherapy. The six-axis robot can measure out the cytostatic doses highly accurately, transferring them to ampoules, syringes or infusion bags. The robotic handling of cytotoxic drugs is of significant benefit. Patients can rely on accurate dosing by the robot which is itself monitored by an integrated QA system. Clinical staff does not come into contact with dangerous substances during the manufacturing process.


TX60L cleanroom, every patient profile requires a customized dispensation. The robot ensures absolute process reliability.
TX60L cleanroom, picking the required vials, bags and syringes from various magazines.
Precise filling of syringe with highly toxic cytostatics for protection of the staff.
TX60L cleanroom, reliable handling of patient-customized drugs.

Safe filling of syringes and IV bags

Day in day out, a wide range of drug doses are combined in hospital pharmacies for administration to individual patients by means of injection syringes and infusion bags. To safeguard quality standards in the performance of this sensitive task and at the same time prevent a risk to hospital staff arising from skin contact with the drugs – some of which are highly toxic – increasing use is being made of robot-assisted automation equipment.

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