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Life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical laboratory

Stäubli robots have established themselves as the benchmark for factors such as speed, accuracy, low particle emission, easy-to-clean surfaces and maximum availability. These rapid high-precision robots are the machines of choice for the manufacturer of medical devices and for pharmaceutical production as well as in biotechnology, laboratory research and hospital automation.

The benefits for you:

  • Production safety and higher productivity
  • Long machine life cycles and faster processes delivering high availability
  • Improved working conditions, reduced risk of accidents, protection of staff
  • Shorter cleaning and decontamination time
  • Higher reliability of your equipment
  • Consistently high quality and improved quality control


Manufacturing of medical devices

Medical device

Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

Pharma production

Laboratory research

Lab research

Hospital automation

Hospital automation

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations) Classes

GMP Class A

Stericlean design

Stericlean robot series

GMP Class A

Cleanroom design

TX cr and RX cr series

GMP Class A/B

TX and RX robot series

TX and RX robot series

GMP Class B/C

Picker series

FAST picker TP80 robot


TS SCARA series

TS SCARA series