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Robotic laser cutting

Stäubli is a leading automotive robot supplier worldwide. The specifically adapted Stäubli TX90 robot was originally designed for German-based JENOPTIK for the purpose of laser cutting various materials in their VOTAN™ C BIM product line. It features an enclosed structure, high speed, and excellent path performance capabilities.


The JENOPTIK-VOTAN™ C BIM (Beam In Motion) laser cutting system represents the innovative combination of a fixed laser and robot-supported motion sequence. It is designed to remove waste edges from door paneling or shoulders, remove excess film from back-injection molded parts, or create cut-outs in medium-sized plastic parts cleanly, leaving no visible or structural damage.

JENOPTIK-VOTAN™ C BIM laser cutting system

Specific strengths

This technology combines the advantages of a stationary laser with a moving robot arm by fully integrating the laser beam guide into the robot arm. The result is a considerable reduction of cycle times, along with a significant increase in precision and flexibility. The system has a low space requirement, having a footprint of only 10 m², while an integrated container solution lends the system mobility and reduces transportation costs to a minimum. Further, the time and expense required for installation is considerably reduced. The user only needs to connect the necessary supply lines.

Applications: automotive parts

Edge cutting and cutout of interior parts

Cutting door panels

Edge cutting of parts for interior panels

Edge trimming of rubber sealing lips for windows

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