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Food processing robots

When your equipment operates at high throughput and efficiency, performance can be compromised by frequent manual intervention. The most effective solutions incorporate dedicated yet flexible automation to help minimize process interruption. In addressing this issue, our customers in the food industry have come to expect the highest performing robotic solutions, with industrial robots built to handle a range of applications from upstream processing, sorting and packing through end of line palletization.

Better process control Easy to clean robot, minimum retention areas, connection protection
High reliability, high speed Increased productivity
High dexterity, several mounting positions Compact cell, less room required, simpler mechanical solution
Cleanliness Better hygiene
Flexibility Marketing innovative products and packaging


Vision and conveyor tracking Product picked and controlled in process, in any position


Curd slicing

  • Automatic choice of slicing tools
  • Complex trajectories
  • Eliminate hazards in wet environments
  • Improved slicing output

Sausage packing

  • Picking ”in-flight”
  • Picking of several sausages at once
  • Triple shift production rate
  • 850 kg of hot dogs per hour
  • Improved hygiene

Grated cheese bag packaging

  • Metal detection check
  • Weighing
  • Quality control
  • Optimization of packaging in the box

Doypack sachet packaging

  • High flexibility and optimization of packaging
  • High robot dexterity
  • Packed quantity control

Ultrasonic cheese slicing

  • Exact weight, half-round portioning
  • Automatic tool exchange
  • Return on investment in18 months
  • Cell productivity: 5 tons per shift

Cheese portion multiplexing

  • 12,000 portions/hour
  • Return on investment in less than 6 months
  • Better hygiene
  • Higher productivity


  • 2 palletizing lines
  • 5 robots (RX175L line)
  • 60 formats, 27 boxes/min.
  • Weights: from 1 to 15 kg
  • Automatic identification
  • Automatic pallet supply