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Semiconductor and cleanroom robot solutions

Stäubli cleanroom robots offer highly effective automation solutions in electronics, semiconductor and other industries. They perform a variety of precisely controlled applications such as delicate and smooth handling of all media in semiconductor processes, with exceptional accuracy, high speed, and dramatically improved particle reduction.

The robots meet ISO 14644-1 class 2/3 or FED209E subclass 1 standards, and feature a totally enclosed arm with a glossy polyurethane surface, capable of high dexterity. A compact footprint helps to keep the workspace clutter-free.

Semiconductor and cleanroom applications

Loading and unloading a carbon boat in the photovoltaic industry: The end effector design ensures stress-free handling of sensitive PV wafers.

A Stäubli RX60 SCR mounted on a vertical track in a stocker system loads and unloads 300 mm wafers in an ISO 2/3 environment.

Vibration-free handling of a quartz boat filled with 150 wafers. The ISO 4 robot moves the boat in front of a furnace.

Wafer and carrier handling in an ISO 2/3 environment. Using a robot increases throughput and greatly reduces particles.