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Stäubli Robotics: Meeting the requirements of every industry

Provide high performance in all areas of industry. This singular principle governs the development of all Stäubli solutions. Designed to work in the most hostile environments as well as cleanrooms, Stäubli robots demonstrate their efficacy under all conditions. Wherever speed, compactness, precision and reliability are demanded, Stäubli has the right technology - regardless of industry sector or type of application.


Food processing robots designed to increase throughput and efficiency by minimizing manual intervention, covering a wide range of food industry applications.

Laser cutting

Robotic solutions geared to a range of automotive applications, featuring enclosed structure, high speed, and excellent path performance capabilities. 


These sealed robots can carry the wash jet or the machined part and are resistant to water as well as many chemical solutions, in acid or alkaline environment.

Life sciences

Exceptionally clean, precise and accurate robots suitable for Grade A through Grade D environments, providing ideal solutions to the unique requirements of the life sciences sector.

Machine tending

Machine tending robots with specialized features such as enclosed arms, IP65 arm protection with IP67 wrist, compact footprints and multiple mounting options.

High speed machining

Since 2008, Stäubli Robotics has developed a complete range of hsm robots dedicated to machining operations with high flexibility.


Operating in a range of industrial sectors, Stäubli paint robots meet all needs for automated finishing, from traditional application to electrostatic processes. 


6-axis robots designed specifically for the plastics industry, meeting a wide range of automation needs such as high speed demolding, two-shot molding and much more.

Semiconductor / cleanroom

Automation solutions designed to perform precisely controlled applications with exceptional accuracy, high speed, and dramatically improved particle reduction.

Solar / photovoltaics

A complete range of robotic solutions focusing on the specific needs of photovoltaic production, including crystalline silicon technology and thin film technology.