Driving Stäubli robots with industrial PLCs

The purpose of uniVAL plc is to drive Stäubli robots with industrial PLCs, connected to the robot controller via a standard fieldbus.

  • Driving a robot with a PLC
  • The motion trajectories can be taught with the Stäubli teaching pendant
  • The robot maintenance is still performed with the Stäubli maintenance tools
  • Based on standard fieldbus communication
  • Library of function blocks on the PLC side to perform motion trajectories and other operations (uniVAL plc client*)
  • A database accessible and modifiable by uniVAL plc client is hosted on the robot (uniVAL plc server)
  • The database can contain, among other things, motion trajectories
  • The communication between uniVAL plc client and uniVAL plc server is performed over the fieldbus, based on a Stäubli-defined standard
Main benefits
  • Reduces costs of development and training : The programming is done within the PLC environment
  • Reduced commissioning costs : The communication is based on simple, easy to access I/Os
  • The motion trajectories can be stored on the PLC side : The motion data used by uniVAL plc server can be accessed and modified by uniVAL plc client
  • Standardization over the entire production line : Compatible with all the CS9 and CS8-generation Stäubli robots, even already installed systems
  • Open and adaptable system : Development and customization of functions can be done by the end user