HelMo the mobile robot system

Thanks to the deep expertise in industrial mobility of our sister company Stäubli WFT, we have developed a unique design of high-performance mobile robot systems that work fully autonomously, with the ability to navigate a diverse array of working environments, gather their own materials and then carry out the work.

HelMo represents the next level of Man-Robot Collaboration, whereby robots mix with human beings and work together with them or handle monotonous tasks on their own.

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«Stäubli mobile robots meet all mobility requirements and are the perfect link to a smarter production.»



Peter Pühringer | General Manager Stäubli Robotics Bayreuth

HelMo Features
HelMo mobile robot system with TX2-90L collaborative
High performance and dynamics

Speed, rigidity and precision combined with safety - the new TX2 robot range with its CS9 controller is the key element for the HelMo system.