Sensitive environments Electronics

ESD compliant TS2 SCARA industrial robots

Stäubli ESD robots are designed to prevent electrostatic discharges and comes in 4-axis version in various sizes with reaches ranging from 460 to 1,000 mm. These super high performance robots deliver the perfect level of speed, precision and reliability for safe handling of electronic components.

ESD compliance guaranteed
ESD compliance guaranteed by 3 specific tests
  • Surface resistivity
  • Residual charges
  • Dissipation and transversal conductivity
    Several test points covering every arm’s element
ESD symbol
Minimize part failures and rework costs
  • Ensure that all accessible elements are dissipative to eliminate ESD risks in production.
  • Specific ESD compliant coating
TS2-40 SCARA ESD robot transversal conductivity
Safely handle sensitive devices

Each arm link connected to ground to ensure transversal conductivity

Work envelope ESD compliant TS2 SCARA robot
Improved performance
  • Maximum payload up to 8.4 kg
  • Work envelope from 460 mm to 1000 mm
Work envelope TS2 esd SCARA robot
Integration flexibility, modular and scalable
  • Unique cylindrical envelope and small footprint
  • Axis 1 working range: ± 180°
  • Floor, wall and ceiling mounting possible
  • High dexterity in small workspaces due to compact integration of motors







Degrees of freedom