Robotic Arms FAST picker TP80

FAST picker TP80 robot

Designed by Stäubli, the FAST picker TP80 is the only truly clean picker robot around. It’s an extremely fast robot designed for small and light parts (<1 kg) handling operations. The FAST picker TP80 robot is particularly well-suited for packaging applications in various fields such as food, pharmaceuticals, photovoltaics and cosmetics. It also comes in an HE version that can stand up to humid environments.

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High speed

The FAST picker TP80 is an extremely fast robot with sustained 200 picks per minute capability under continuous operation.

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No interference with camera line of vision

The FAST picker TP80 is specifically designed not to interfere with a camera’s line of vision.

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Able to operate in confined areas

The FAST picker TP80’s slim forearm allows it to access confined spaces, for example loading and unloading through slotted machine openings.

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Large work envelope

With its 800 mm reach and 100 mm (or optional 200 mm) stroke, the FAST picker TP80 robot can cover a large work envelope at very high speeds.

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Sensitive environments

Thanks to its protective housing and bellows, the FAST picker TP80 can work in sensitive environments. Its fully enclosed structure and smooth surfaces make the robot easy to clean.