CIIF 2018 Performance

Robots designed for every application and every industry

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September 19-23, 2018

8.1 H A131

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Stäubli robots are the best solution for any industry requiring speed, precision, and reliability. To satisfy our customers’ needs, Stäubli Robotics develops specialized, professional solutions for every industry, including automotive, medical, food, electronics, plastics processes, mechanics, and even painting.

Take a close look at our robot series at CIIF, including the completely redeveloped TS2 SCARA generation

Stäubli robots are effective under any condition. They are designed to work in the most sensitive of environments or meet cleanroom standards.

Yet they never compromise on performance.

Like our robots, Stäubli’s software solutions are designed by first analyzing the technical and financial conditions for which they are intended.


Design, performance and connectivity redefined
TS2-60 (vertical outlet) & TS2-100 (ceiling mounted)

The new TS2

Completely redesigned four-axis machine with proprietary JCS drive technology facilitates ultra-short cycle times. It also has a revolutionary hygiene design which opens up new possibilities for use in sensitive environments.

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Performance dedicated robotic arms

FAST picker TP80

FAST picker TP80 4 axis robotic arms

Stäubli designed the 4-axis TP80 FAST picker robot for high-speed handling operations of small parts.

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Specialized Robot Arms

Robotic arms for sensitive environments

Our line of specialized robots is designed to meet the specific needs of every industry and be integrated directly into the production line.

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Market Solutions


Automotive solutions

The automotive sector is always innovating. To keep up, we build quality, precision, versatility, and reliability into our robots.

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Healthcare - Life Science

Image of scientist for the healthcare industry

Our robots blend hygiene and accuracy to meet the strict requirements of the healthcare and life science industries.

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Image of food industry

For the food sector, our robots boost productivity and efficiency while reducing the contamination risks.

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Three fields of expertise to meet your needs
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