CIIF 2018 Man robot collaboration

Robots work efficiently with humans

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September 19-23, 2018

8.1 H A131

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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Today, the collaboration between man and machine is making headway.

As they become smarter and perform better, they are finding a place in production along side humans. But what exactly is that place? And what is the vision behind their work? Humans and robots must work together like a team and not like competitors. Robots should work for the benefit of humans, to spare us tedious tasks and eliminate safety constraints. Eliminating barriers in everyday work, helping humans maintain full control over operations, and adding value to human work within companies, no matter their size or business—that is Stäubli’s philosophy. Today, these pioneening TX2 6-axis collaborative robots with their CS9 controller meet all of these expectations.

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Performance and efficiency redefined

Stäubli has gone down a different path than most other market competitors. Gerald Vogt explains: “We did not want to create expensive dedicated kinematics for purely MRC (Man-robot Collaboration) applications. Such robots are generally subject to excessive restrictions on load and dynamics. That’s why we have adapted our standard robots to work with people without compromising on performance and also why we are able to confidently present the world’s fastest Safe Robots.”

The six-axis machines of the TX2 series have a separate digital encoder for each axis and an integrated safety board. All accident prevention features comply with the stringent requirements of safety category SIL3 / PLe.

Mechanical design without equal

On the mechanical side too, these robots are setting the benchmark. Thanks to their patented drive technology offering top performance in terms of precision, speed and availability, they are the first choice for all tasks subject to demanding cycle time criteria. With its enclosed structure and waterproof wrist, the TX2 series is ideal for use in clean room deployments as well as for applications in harsh environments. All six-axis units have optional vertical cable entry on the base of the robot and can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling.

The TX2touch membrane physically “feels” an operator’s contact, triggering a halt when touched. The goal of these technologies is to allow performance and safety to coexist and to restore the operator’s freedom.

Our MRC dedicated products

TX2 collaborative robotic arms

TX2 collaborative robotic arms

With its safe and fast TX2 line of robots and CS9 controller, Stäubli is writing a new chapter on human-machine cooperation.

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CS9 robot controller

Controller CS9 and SP2

Compact controller for the TX2 robot range.

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