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Stäubli Mobile Robot System - HelMo

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Mobile robots add nearly endless flexibility to the automated production process. In addition, the system is perfectly suited to restock supplies during unstaffed night shifts. Operators will profit from a significant increase of productivity and return on investment of their capital intensive machine park.

Stäubli HelMo is an autonomously driving and navigating vehicle that has been developed especially for man-robot-collaboration. Three integrated laser scanners are permanently monitoring the system's surrounding and ensure precise navigation and safety. In combination with the new TX2 robot and the CS9 robot controller including features like safe speed, safe stop and safe zone/safe tool a safe collaboration is guaranteed.

Meet HelMo - Stäubli Redefine Mobility
HelMo Features
Stäubli AG - HelMo-robotic-arm-pim@2x.jpg
High performance and dynamics

Speed, rigidity and precision combined with safety - the new TX2 robot range with its CS9 controller is the key element for the HelMo system.

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Autonomous driving

The mobile robot system drives and navigates autonomously through its work environment. With its robust and spring-loaded drive unit, operation in almost every industrial sector is possible. No modifications of given floor conditions are needed.

Stäubli AG - HelMo-safety-pim@2x.jpg
Safety first

A TX2 robot with CS9 controller, 3 laser scanners, safe PLC and a tactile enclosure create a comprehensive safety package around the mobile robot system. Optionally a robot safe skin for MRC applications is available.

Stäubli AG - HelMo-navigation-pim@2x.jpg
Intuitive mapping

An innovative and intuitive control concept enables a fast mapping of HelMo’s work surroundings. Controlled by a mobile device an accurate map is created based on precise laser scanner data within a short time.

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HelMo add-ons

For a flexible use of the HelMo system at different workstations HelMo is additionally equipped with components like automatic multi couplings, tool changing system and a tool station.

Stäubli AG - HelMo-software-pim@2x.png
HelMo framework

The mobile robot system comes with a user-friendly software package for controlling features like rotation unit, gripper and navigation in VAL3, which are also already implemented as user pages.

Technical Specification





Reach (between axis 1 and 6)




Maximum load*

20 kg

15 kg

9 kg

Nominal load

7 kg

6 kg

5 kg

Repeatability - ISO 9283

±0.03 mm

±0.035 mm

±0.04 mm

Protection class wrist / robot arm / total system

IP67 / IP65 / IP20