Stäubli partners at Automatica 2018

Many thanks to all the Stäubli partners exhibiting at Automatica. The visitors will certainly appreciate the different facets of the Stäubli performance.

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Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG: B6.320

One common controller for path planning drives the Beckhoff XTS and the Stäubli uniVAL Drive. Through the open interface of the uniVAL drive, the robot is able to follow the joint positions generated by TwinCAT. This enables deep integration and synchronization of the specific XTS requirements with those of the Stäubli robot. EtherCAT enables cyclic real-time communication between robot and Beckhoff controller with an update rate of 1 ms.

Contact: Klaus Bernzen, Product Manager TwinCAT Motion Control & Robotics | Verl (DE)

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Blue Danube Robotics GmbH: B4.308

Blue Danube Robotics is showcasing a TX2-90L touch offering the possibility for visitors to get into direct contact with the robot. Also robotics equipment such as a collision safe flange and a Schmalz suction gripper are able to be equiped with an AIRSKIN to make them safe. They are available for TX2-90L as well. 

Contact: Dr. Walter Wohlkinger, CEO | Vienna (AT)

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Logo Coval
Coval VakuumTechnik GmbH: B6.220

COVAL designs and markets systems and components for vacuum gripping (vacuum pumps, suction cups, vacuostats and accessories). During Automatica, they will show a high speed and precise pick and place system, putting a TP80 and suction cup together, in order to pick and place easily packet soups.

Contact: Klaus Kostorz, General Manager Germany | Wannweil (DE)

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DigiMetrix GmbH: B5.128D

NI LabVIEW programmable test/inspection cell for entertainment and automotive electronics leverages synergy of latest robot to human collaboration scenarios from Stäubli, 3D vision from Photoneo and traditional Machine Vision with Test&Measurement capabilities of National Instruments software and hardware components.

More Information:  Flyer (PDF)

Contact Person: Maxim Soroka, CEO | Munich (DE)

[email protected]

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FAPS: A4.212

Teleoperation based on mixed reality for ad-hoc control of robotic systems for human-robot-cooperation

In cooperation with Framatome GmbH a teleoperation system based on mixed reality is developed. This system enables the operator an intended take-over of the robot control for human-robot-collaboration as well as the ad-hoc intervention for autonomous operating robotic systems. Via usage of VR, force feedback and sensory registration of the environment, the operator is embedded directly in the robot based process, which he can teleoperate in perceived real-time. The system enables an intervention as well as human-robot team-cooperation for a specific task in the areas of consignment, handling of small parts as well as assembly. Furthermore, the developed technologies can be used for teach-in.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Blank | Erlangen (DE)

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Logo Igus GmbH
Igus GmbH: A4.103

Application in humid environments thanks to the performance of Stäubli HE robots which can perfectly be used even for sensitive environments.

Contact: Matthias Meyer, Head of Industry Management Automotive & Robotics | Cologne (DE)

[email protected]

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KREON: B6.512

CMR is the latest in robotic inspection solutions. Resulting from a partnership between Stäubli, Metrologic (French 3D inspection software editor), and Kreon Technologies (3D scanner), the Coordinate Measuring Robot is a solution able to perform 3D measurements without tracking system or targets. Easy to install and easy to use, the CMR is available with the TX robots range from Stäubli (TX 60, TX 90, TX 200). Equipped with a Stäubli TX 200, the solution achieves a +/- 100 µm accuracy in contact mode, and +/- 150 µm accuracy with a Zephyr II Blue 3D scanner (key data for a 1 cubic volume). The CMR will be displayed at KREON’s booth during Automatica, with a TX 60 Stäubli robot and a Kreon Zephyr II Blue, powered by Metrolog X4 i-robot.

Contact: [email protected]

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MBFZ toolcraft GmbH: B5.518

At automatica, toolcraft showcases two training cells. The cells feature Stäubli robots, showing an application for milling with G-code programming as well as an application for pick-and-place. Another cell, the RoboBox, shows a different milling application, also with a Stäubli robot.

Contact: Thomas Wieland, Head of engineering and robotics|  Georgensgmünd (DE)

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Logo MicroContact
MicroContact AG: B5.327

MicroContact AG shows two cells with integrated Stäubli robots. In a pick and place application takes a TX40 a PCB from a magazine and places it on a handling of a test system. The second application shows an inline test system with a very small footprint. A camera to detect the exact position of the test sample and the test fi xture are directly mounted on a TS40.

Contact: Adrian Bangerter, Sales Manager | Lostorf (CH)

[email protected]

Logo Mikron
Mikron Holding AG: A6.103

Mikron is demonstrating a robotized collaborative cell with a TX2-60L for product testing. It is also modular as it can be used standalone with a high degree of human-robot collaboration or as a full automatic inline.

Contact: Jean-Francoise Bauer, Head of Marketing & Business Development | Boudry (CH)

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Logo Opto
Opto GmbH: B5.526

Opto builds Imaging Modules for Stäubli Applications to give robotics eyes.

Contact: Markus Riedi, CEO | Gräfelfing (DE)

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Logo preccon ROBOTICS
preccon Robotics GmbH: A5.334

preccon Robotics GmbH and teconsult GmbH precision presents iMS® – ROBOT CALIBRATION 4.0. With a Stäubli robot TX2-60 CS9 and the intelligent measuring system for robots - iMS® shows fully automatic diagnosis and autonomous calibration of the entire robot cell. ROI in less than 6 months. iMS® – Makes your facility more economical. Easy. Precise. Reliable.

Our team is pleased to welcome you in cooperation with the Cluster Mechatronics & Automation.

Contact: Hartmut Lindner, General Manager | Bayreuth (DE)

[email protected]

Logo Zimmer
Zimmer GmbH: A5.103

Flexible HRC electrical gripper handling different workpieces which are extreme in size and weight. Combined with Stäubli's mobile robot system the equipment is designed to work safely in open areas next to human beings.

Contact:  Kai Kohler, Product Management | Ettlingen (DE)

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