AUTOMATICA 2016 - Slide gallery

Smart Factory at Automatica 2016
Welcome at our Smart factory reception desk
TX2-40 CS9 Machining Cell
Machining cell, production step 1: deburring of wooden Jenga stone
Machining cell, production step 2: printing Stäubli logo onto the Jenga stone
Machining cell, production step 2: close up of the stone in front of the printer head
TX2-90L CS9 HelMo (mobile robot assembly)
HELMo: exchanging pallets
HelMo: Placing pallets
TX2-60 CS9 Packaging Cell
Packaging cell, production step 1: picking up the box cover
Packaging cell, production step 2: picking up the box for loading
Packaging cell, production step3 : finished box placed on exit slide
TX2touch: Weight Check and Transfer
TX2touch: Skin allows machine stoppage on human contact
TX2-60 CS9 Printing cell
Smart Factory in review

Smart Factory