AUTOMATICA 2016 - Slide gallery

TX2-90XL CS9: Collaborative Cell – Robot assisted assembly
TX2-60 CS9: Collaborative Cell – Man Robot Collaboration
High Performance Zone: TX2-60 CS9 - showing precise trajectory behavior combined high speed and repeatability
TX2-60 CS9: High accuracy 3D positioning
Stäubli Connectors: Modular tool change solution
Stäubli Connectors: Tool change systems for robots
Connected to your world Zone: Control of pick and place application using Siemens/Codesys TX40 unival plc and Raspberry Pi TS40 uniVAL plc
Sensitive Environments: TX90 HE washing applications in foreground
Sensitive Environments Zone: TX60 ESD (Electrostatic discharge) – test and assembly of smartphone batteries
Sensitive Environments Zone: TX40 ESD (Electrostatic discharge) – inspection and assembly of smartphones
Sensitive Environments: TX90l cleanroom robot, TX40 stericlean and FAST picker TP80 200 mm forearm
Stäubli booth welcome desk
Stäubli booth was highly frequented during the whole show
Dedicated visitor attention by our booth staff

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