TX200 plastics robots

The enclosed arm structure provides class IP65 protection while the submersible wrist is reinforced and protected to class IP67, making the TX200 ideal for use in cleanroom applications and hostile industrial environments. 

Euromap / SPI compatibilityPlug and play solution (along with dedicated user interface)
VALplastPlastics interface dedicated to press unloading with 6-axis robot
Enclosed structureEasy to clean and use in clean or hostile environments
Rigid structureBetter dynamic performance
Multiple mounting configurations Adaptability and flexibility of cell design
Large working envelopeOptimum use of the work area
Compact footprint Minimum space, increased floorspace efficiency


Model  TX200 plasticsTX200L plastics
Maximum load*150 kg100 kg
Nominal load100 kg60 kg
Reach2194 mm2594 mm
Degrees of freedom66
Repeatability - ISO 9283±0.06 mm±0.1 mm
Interfacing with injection molding machineEuromap 12 or 67 (Europe)
Euromap 12 or 67 (Europe)
Arm mounting optionsFloor/ceilingFloor/ceiling
Stäubli CS8 series controllerCS8C HPCS8C HP

* With specific configuration. Please consult Stäubli.