TX90 paint robot

The TX90 paint series makes the difference, thanks to better process control via PaintiXen Advanced Control Software, which allows the control of any paint parameter, an increase in paint and solvent savings (+30% transfer rate), a high quality trajectory and high flexibility, allowing the management of parts of complex/multiple sizes, and increased throughput.

Enclosed structureWell suited for painting applications, meeting CE ATEX (Europe) requirements.
Rigid structureBetter dynamic performance, precision and trajectory repeatability for time and product savings.
Multiple mounting configurationsAdaptability and flexibility of cell design, allowing mounting on any type of assembly line or machine: floor, wall or ceiling, depending on model.
Large working envelopeOptimum use of the work area.
Compact footprintEasy integration, smaller support structures, reduction of paint booth sizes.


ModelTX90 paintTX90L paintTX90XL paint
Maximum load*20 kg15 kg9 kg
Nominal load7 kg6 kg5 kg
Reach1000 mm1200 mm1450 mm
Degrees of freedom666
Repeatability - ISO 9283±0.03 mm±0.035 mm±0.04 mm
Working areas
Europe: Cenelec
USA: Factory Mutual or CSA
Group II Category 3 Zone 2,22Group II Category 3 Zone 2,22Group II Category 3 Zone 2,22
Arm mounting optionsFloor/wall/ceilingFloor/wall/ceilingFloor/wall/ceiling
Stäubli CS8 series controllerCS8CCS8CCS8C

* With specific configuration. Please consult Stäubli.