FAST picker TP80 HE robot

The FAST picker TP80 HE, the world’s only clean picker robot, delivers up to 200 picks per minute, is designed for lightweight handling operation, decoration and packaging in sensitive environments requiring bacteria cleaning protocols.

FAST picker TP80 HE primary features and benefits

Offering the cleanest high speed packaging production

The clean picker solution

  • Fully sealed structure with overpressurized IP65 arms
  • The overpressure prevents all contact between the robot’s internal components and the outside environment

World’s only side and end mount picker robot

To reduce the risk of contamination further, the robot can be mounted away from the sensitive picking area.

Internally routed pipes and cables

To bring contamination to near zero levels, all pneumatic and electrical supplies are routed through the arm, and all connections are completely removed from the sensitive area.

Mounting surface vertical to the sensitive pick area

To eliminate contamination from any supports, there should be no overhead structure.

Large balanced rotary envelope

A wide work envelope serving multiple pick up and put down positions.

Full head stainless screws

Industry adapted design

  • No liquid retention areas that accelerate corrosion (smooth rounded surface, full head stainless screws...)
  • Stainless steel used for wrist flange and critical parts
  • H1 NSF food oil with no performance reduction
  • Bellows
  • Paint eliminated from the forearm

Suitable for chemical washdown without additional covers

Resistant to pH 4.5 - 8.5 detergents.

Certification CE and KCS

FAST picker TP80 HE robot specifications

ModelFAST picker TP80 HE
Degrees of freedom4
Maximum load capacity *1 kg
Nominal load capacity0.5 kg
Reach800 mm
Repeatability±0.05 mm
Stroke100 mm
Protection class according to standard NF EN 60529IP65
Attachment methodsWall
Stäubli CS8 series controllerCS8C

* With specific configuration. Contact us for details.

FAST picker TP80