The TS80 ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge version) is designed to safely handle electronic components. It can operate in sensitive electronic environment for various applications such as PCB assembly, vision inspection, product testing and packaging of electronic consumer goods.

Specific ESD compliant paint

Ensure that all accessible elements are dissipative to eliminate ESD risks in production.
Minimize part failures and rework costs

ESD compliance guaranteed by tests
  • 3 specific tests - surface resistivity, residual charges dissipation and transversal conductivity.
  • 7 test points covering every arm’s element.

Improve production yield and profitability

Transversal conductivity

From the tool down to the foot, each arm link connected to ground.
Safely handle sensitive devices

TS80 ESD SCARA robot specifications

ModelTS80 ESD
Degrees of freedom4
Maximum load capacity *8 kg

Nominal load capacity

2 kg

Reach800 mm
Repeatability±0.01 mm
Stroke200 or 400 mm
Protection class IP54
Cleanroom standard - ISO 14644-1 6
Attachment methodsFloor or wall
Stäubli CS8 series controllerCS8C

* With specific configuration, Contact us for details.