Specialized robot arms

Each sector of activity is unique. This is why Stäubli has a range of specialized robots designed to meet the requirements expressed by specialists from every field. Our robots are engineered for your specific needs, and ready to be integrated directly into your production equipment.

RX/TX paint robots

Spraying and painting robot arm series.

RX/TX plastics robots

Press injection monitoring, loading inserts, degatting, marking and other applications.

RX/TX cleanroom and super cleanroom robots

Designed for cleanroom applications, process safety and traceability.

TX stericlean robots

Fully H²O² resistant robots for use in isolator and cleanroom environments.

High speed machining robots

Finishing, die trimming, modeling, drilling, tapping, deburring, contouring and weld bead machining.

FAST picker TP80, RX and TX humid environment robots

Ideally suited for applications in very humid environments, such as waterjet cutting, cleaning and food processing.

TS and TX ESD compliant robots

Designed for electronics assembly, test and packaging.