FAST picker TP80 robot

Extremely fast robot designed to handle operations with small parts (under 1 kg). The FAST picker TP80 is particularly well-suited for packaging applications in various fields such as food, pharmaceuticals, photovoltaics and cosmetics.

FAST picker TP80 primary features and benefits

High speed

Extremely fast robot with sustained 200 picks per minute (ppm) capability.

Simple mounting

The FAST picker TP80 can be mounted on a much lighter base than parallel robots, bringing substantial cost savings and making it easier to integrate into a cell.

High precision and rigidity

The sturdy industrial design of the FAST picker TP80 makes operations highly repeatable throughout its work envelope.

Large work envelope

A 800 mm reach with 100 mm (200 mm*) stroke enables the FAST picker TP80 to cover a large work envelope while maintaining high speed.

No arm interference when used with vision

Unlike parallel robots with multi-arm designs, the FAST picker TP80 does not interfere with the line of vision of the camera.

Slim forearm

A slim forearm enables the robot to access confined areas, for example slotted machine openings.

All user cables running inside the arm

Electrical, pneumatic and I/O connections are available on the tool flange with all cables running inside the arm.

Solid protection

IP65 rating (with optional bellows) and angled connector design bring better protection against dust and liquids.

FAST picker TP80 robot specifications

ModelFAST picker TP80
Degrees of freedom4
Maximum load capacity *1 kg
Nominal load capacity

0.5 kg

Reach800 mm
Repeatability±0.05 mm
Stroke100 mm (200 mm*)
Protection class (with optional bellows*)IP54 (IP65*)
Attachment methodsWall
Stäubli CS8 series controllerCS8C

* With specific configuration. Contact us for details.