TX2-60 6-axis industrial robots

TX2 robots: the next generation of fast and precise 6-axis robots. This new robot range is redefining performance with the optimum balance of speed, rigidity, size and envelope. Those pioneer robots can be used in all areas, including sensitive and restrictive environments thanks to their unique features.

Enclosed structureEasy to clean and use in clean or hostile environments
Rigid structureBetter dynamic performance
Multiple mounting configurationsAdaptability and flexibility of cell design
Stäubli patented reduction gear systemsUnrivaled precision, flexibility and speed, along with reduced maintenance
Large work envelopeOptimum use of the work area
  • Optimum balance of speed, rigidity, size and envelope
  • Largest range of high performance robots
  • Renowned for dynamic stability and trajectory control
  • JCS patented reduction gear system
Consistent performance to meet your demands
  • Pioneer and global leader in closed structure robots
  • IP65/67 (wrist)
  • Vertical cable outlet
  • Arm pressurization
Ability to work in harsh environments
  • Pioneering safe digital encoders
  • Safety board easily accessible
  • IO and Erhernet connections located on robot forearm
Wider use in sensitive or restricted workspaces


Model  TX2-60 TX2-60L
Degrees of freedom66
Nominal load capacity3.5 kg2 kg

Maximum load capacity*

9 kg5 kg
Reach at wrist670 mm920 mm
Repeatability  ±0.02 mm ±0.03 mm
Protection class (*wrist)IP65 (*IP67)IP65 (*IP67)
Attachment methodsFloor, wall or ceillingFloor, wall or ceilling
Stäubli CS9 series controllerCS9CS9

* With specific configuration. Contact us for details.