Low payload robot arms: TP and TS 4-axis series,
TX and TX2 6-axis series

Stäubli delivers all of the most innovative technical features, along with a unique control platform and a single point of contact regardless of how extensive and specific your requirements are.

Low payload 4-axis robot arm: TP picker series

FAST picker TP80 robot

Extremely fast robot dedicated to handling operations with small parts (under 1 kg).

FAST picker TP80 HE robot

The world’s only clean picker robot, designed for lightweight handling operation, decoration and packaging in sensitive environments requiring bacteria cleaning protocols.

Low payload 4-axis robot arms: TS SCARA series

TS20 SCARA robot

Compact and competitive package for tabletop automation.
220 mm reach

TS40 SCARA robot

Optimizes productivity for all assembly applications.
400 mm reach

TS60 SCARA robot

High speed, high payload robotic automation.
600 mm reach

TS80 SCARA robot

A large work envelope for a high volume of work.
800 mm reach

Low payload 6-axis robot arms: TX and TX2 series

TX40 6-axis robot

Compact, fast and precise 6-axis robot arm.
515 mm reach

New TX2-40 6-axis robot

6-axis robot arm consistently delivering performance.
515 mm reach

TX60 6-axis robots

A compact and fast robot arm offering 6 degrees of freedom.
670 and 920 mm reach

New TX2-60 6-axis robots

6-axis robot arm consistently delivering performance.
670 and 920 mm reach