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A wide range of robots covering all industries and applications

Regardless of industry or application, the requirements of automation are universal. Across our extensive range of products, Stäubli industrial robot arms deliver distinct technical advantages: compact size, broad work envelopes, high speed, precision, resistance to all types of environments and, above all, the flexibility to adapt to the greatest number of tasks.

Low payload
(0.5 to 10 kg)
4- and 6-axis robot arms

FAST picker TP80
TS20, TS40, TS60 & TS80
TX40, TX60 & TX60L
New! TX2-40, TX2-60 & TX2-60L

Medium payload
(10 to 34 kg)
6-axis robot arms

TX90, TX90L & TX90XL
New! TX2-90, TX2-90L & TX2-90XL
RX160, RX160L & RX160 HD

Specialized robot arms

RX & TX paint
RX & TX plastics
RX & TX cleanroom
TX stericlean
RX machining
RX & TX humid environment
TS & TX ESD compliant robots

CAD files

Download robot arm CAD files from our library.