May 9-12, 2017, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

MAGMA T12 warp tying machine

TF weaving system (configuration example)

Stäubli welcomes you to the leading trade fair for technical textiles at its Booth B02 in Hall 3.0.

Technical textiles, especially woven technical fabrics have a wide spectrum of applications, but the process of manufacturing them is very challenging. Stäubli offers a comprehensive programme of systems and solutions that can be integrated in the manufacturing process of all sorts of woven technical fabrics, thereby optimising production. Stäubli solutions excel in terms of precision, flexibility and long service life.

Productivity for high-volume fabrics

Visitors to the Stäubli booth will see many examples, including the MAGMA T12 warp-tying machine, which reliably ties technical and course yarns, thereby ensuring smooth processing and short idle times of the weaving machine during warp changes.

Visitors will also learn details about production speeds of the robust shed-formation machines for dobby weavers, enabled by e.g. the UNIVAL 500. The servo technology of this machine also allows individual control of every single heald frame, and thus the creation of very specific shed openings.

Flexibility for R&D for new applications

At a special demonstration stand, visitors will experience the unlimited shed formation possibilities of the UNIVAL 100 Jacquard machine, the optimal basis for R&D, providing cost-effective production of even the most complex textiles for new applications. Servo-drive control of each individual thread makes it possible to achieve shedding parameters never seen before, such as asymmetrical shed openings, and multiple shed openings.

TF weaving system – individually configurable and future oriented  

This weaving system can be adapted exactly to the requirements of the article being woven, including all system components in every phase of the weaving process. The flexibility that this offers enables the weaving mill to realise new creations and produce them cost effectively – and gain a leadership position in the technical textile market.

To find out all about technical textiles and Stäubli solutions, visit us at our booth and read more at www.technical-fabrics-solutions.com.