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RELEASE : Strategic partnership
Industry leaders join forces to offer innovative robotic surgery

Stäubli Robotics and Quantum Surgical, both European leaders in their respective fields, have launched a strategic partnership to create a centre of excellence in oncology robotics.

Lac de Toules with floating PV system in the Swiss Alps
PV’s promising future
Expansion of solar energy continues to grow globally - even floating

Despite the global coronavirus lockdown, solar energy is experiencing strong growth. It offers significant advantages in times of crisis, as displayed by China’s Q1 energy production statistics. In addition, new applications like floating PV are also on the rise.

April, 2020, Innsbruck, Austria
World's first RoboticScope

RoboticsScope -  hi-tech development giving surgeons insights, that previously thought impossible and is set to revolutionise the way they work at the operating table.