Shaping the future for safety in the photovoltaic industry

Young specialists do their part for safe PV systems.
Young industry specialists exchange ideas
Stäubli PV experts exchange ideas at the global IEC level
International committees discuss electrical PV system balancing
Stäubli takes part in the IEC’s Young Professionals Programme

For the first time, a representative from Stäubli’s team of photovoltaic experts will participate in the IEC Young Professionals’ Programme this November, and represent Switzerland at the global IEC level. It’s a great opportunity to present Stäubli as a knowledge carrier for the electrical Balance of System in PV plants. 

As a leading worldwide standards organization, the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) promotes safety and protection by defining and developing international standards in all electrical, electrotechnical and related technologies. In addition, committees within the organization provide businesses, industry sectors and governments with a platform to discuss and exchange ideas about current trends and developments in the industry.

As a global specialist for advanced electrical connection solutions, Stäubli has been actively involved in various IEC committees and working groups at both the national and international levels for over a decade, with a particular focus and commitment in the areas of quality and safety for photovoltaic products and systems.

The installed production capacity of renewable energy will continue to see strong growth, with photovoltaics in a leading position. That makes it all the more important to ensure the long-term high quality, availability and safety of these systems and the products used. The IEC’s work lays an important foundation to allow for testing and certification of both individual components and entire systems.

“Helping to shape the future of safe PV solar energy is a strategic commitment for us,” says Matthias Mack, Director of Global Alternative Energies at Stäubli. “Our MC4 PV connectors connect over 300 GW of power worldwide, almost 50% of total capacity, which makes it all the more important for Stäubli to take responsibility for safety and reliability in this industry. With our product expertise and long years of experience, we can make a decisive contribution to the safety of PV systems in order to minimize costly system failures in the long term. At the same time, collaborating in working groups and committees ensures a lasting increase in our capacity for innovation.”

This November, a representative from Stäubli’s team of PV experts will be taking part in the IEC Young Professionals’ Programme for the first time. In this exclusive international program, individually selected young specialists represent their countries outside of industry-specific working groups at the global IEC level. “This is an important step for us to be seen not only as a component manufacturer, but also as a source of know-how for electrical system balancing in PV systems,” Mack explains.