New product line

Fast and easy: CombiTac direqt

Stäubli Electrical Connectors introduces the most assembly- and maintenance-friendly generation of modular connectors with a brand new product line: CombiTac direqt.

With CombiTac direqt, Stäubli launches the newest generation of modular connectors that enables the combination of various types of power, signal and pneumatic connections in manual and automatic mating applications with up to 10,000 mating cycles. It features a light modern design with the highest possible safety features, and can be assembled 100% manually without the use of any tools.

CombiTac direqt is born out of today’s modular connector market needs and trends to achieve the fastest possible connector assembly in order to reduce assembly and maintenance costs to the absolute minimum. The new connector series features a click-and-connect system enabling you to manually insert each individual contact in the carriers, and carrier inside the corresponding frames, without the use of any tools.

All type of configurations, whether for panel mount or housing applications, guarantee a constant and reliable connection for signals, power, and pneumatic couplings up to 10,000 mating cycles for numerous industries and applications

“Today, by introducing a new generation of modular connectors to the CombiTac family, we offer our customers even more flexibility in selecting the right modular connector system. Therefore, the CombiTac family is from today split into two lines, CombiTac uniq, and the new CombiTac direqt.”

Martin Yiapanas, Product Manager CombiTac

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