For standards and interoperability

Stäubli joins CharIN, the initiative for Combined Charging Systems in e-mobility

Stäubli Electrical Connectors joins CharIn for Combined Charging Systems in transportation electrification
Stäubli’s Automated Connection Device (ACD) at harbor logistics in Singapore
Automated Quick Charging Connection solution at AGV application in Singapore

As a specialist for advanced electrical connection solutions, Stäubli joins the Charging Interface Initiative CharIN, which promotes the standardization and interoperability of battery charging systems for e-vehicles. With its Automated Connection Device (ACD) Stäubli has a proven track record in charging and connection applications.

The CharIN association brings together specialists from various industries in order to promote and support international standards in the field of Combined Charging Systems (CCS) for charging electrical vehicles of all types. The initiative also identifies upcoming needs and defines requirements for future standards in this area.

Proven expertise in transportation electrification

Stäubli successfully implemented its safe and efficient Quick Charging Connection Solution (QCC) as an Automated Connection Device (ACD) for electric public transport in e-bus networks and ferries, and for commercial vehicles such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and yard tractors in harbor logistics around the world.

The Stäubli solution complies to SAE J3105-3 Enclosed Pin and Socket Connection and stands out for its long service lifetime as it is designed for high numbers of mating cycles, features a fully enclosed design to protect the contact elements and ensures low maintenance. The high level of safety is guaranteed by a completely touch-protected and waterproof design. This electrical connection solution transfers a high amount of power allowing for several hours of continuous operation after only a short charging time. Advanced angular and positional misalignment compensation is integrated into the QCC making it ideal for hands-free operation.

Making a contribution to the field of e-mobility

“Staubli is committed to the future of electrification in all modes of transportation. As the market demands vehicle ranges increase and charge times decrease there will be a growing need for higher energy transmission which perfectly matches Staubli’s expertise of more than 50 years”, confirms George Freudiger, Chief Technology Officer.

“While developing and manufacturing advanced connection solutions over many years, we have acquired profound knowledge of electrical contacts and contact technologies as well as a practical background in the transportation electrification, which we now offer to be shared with the group of experts in CharIN.”