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Connection solutions tailored to the requirements of each industry

While the need for optimum efficiency, high productivity and superior quality are universal, every industry demands unique technological solutions. Stäubli engineers focus on developing connection solutions, including quick couplings, multi-couplings, tool changers for robots and more, exactly suited to the requirements of each industry. Our products are supported by a global network of specialists with in-depth industry expertise.


Connection solution for automotive industry

Quick-release couplings for all type of fluids, electrical connectors, robotic tool changers and solutions for simultaneous connections.

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Connection solutions for the railway industry

Connection solutions for compressed air, cooling, fill and drain and hydraulic applications, as well as pressure point and leveling tests.

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E-mobility connection solutions

e-mobility market

Highest performance reliability, vibration resistance and maximum safety for on-board applications or infrastructure applications.

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Defense and aerospace

Connection solutions for the aerospace, transportation and logistics

Safe, dedicated solutions for air conditioning, breathing or compressed air, fuel, hydraulics, thermal management and other connections.

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Alternative energies

Alternative energies market

As experienced specialist, we offer reliable components along the PV supply chain - from roof top installations to energy storage.

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Alternative fuels

Connection solution for alternative fuels

Dispenser nozzles, safety breakaways and more for every type of vehicle, both heavy and light duty, and every type of filling mode.

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Connection solutions for the plastic industry

Versatile solutions for mold loading and clamping, energy and temperature control connections, as well as process automation.

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Test and Measurement

Test and measurement market

We offer a wide range of safe, high-quality measuring equipment enabling most accurate and repeatable tests and measurements.

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