Testimonial Magnetic clamping

"In Stäubli, we’ve found the partner who meets our expectations perfectly."

We feel really confident thanks to magnetic clamping.

We are an integrated company that owns its own molds. Our customers know we are able to create new moulds for their dedicated applications that meet their future needs, while managing the existing stock of molds. They feel secure because they know we are there for them for the long haul.

Mold changes are therefore part of our daily lives for small or large production runs. Apart from the guarantee of optimum safety for our teams, the use of magnetic clamping allows us to facilitate operations, improve working conditions and save time. Thus, on a 50-tonne press, we’ve been able to reduce mold change time by 60%. Ever since we equipped our presses with the Stäubli magnetic clamping system, we’ve been able to carry out 4 to 5 mould changes per shift for our entire equipment stock (50 to 1,000 tonnes).

Thanks to Stäubli QMC 122 magnetic clamping solutions, we've been able to increase our production level, improve workshop responsiveness, reduce occupational health risks for our adjusters and optimise our inventory volumes.

With Stäubli, we are dealing with the magnetic plate expert.

Each of our Stäubli contacts is an expert ready to guide us and provide us with the solution that specifically meets our needs. This expertise is essential for boosting our productivity. When purchasing a new machine, we require in the specifications that the presses be equipped with Stäubli plates incorporating magnetic clamping force measurement with the IMAG system. Gradually we are harmonising all of our machinery to make this clamping system our standard in order to secure the operations of the adjusters while providing them with greater comfort of use thanks to its enhanced ergonomics and ease of handling.

Remote services that give us autonomy

Remote advice and assistance are highlights of our relationship. In the event of a breakdown, we can count on the availability and responsiveness of the Stäubli teams. In 95% of cases, our maintenance department can resolve the issues independently, guided by Stäubli assistance. Thus our machine downtimes are reduced and productivity is maintained. In addition, the IMAG system is easy to use and our adjusters are able to work autonomously on the machines quickly.

For us, customer relationship is about people, listening, understanding and trust. With Stäubli, we are in good hands.

Yves Pinel, Injection/Extrusion Workshop Manager - Seifel



Based in Saint-Malo, SEIFEL is specialised in the manufacture of technical enclosures for the distribution, protection and metering of energies and fluids. For more than 40 years, it has been providing its customers with innovative solutions for energy and telecommunications networks. At our side since 1986, Stäubli is a privileged partner of this company.