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Stäubli's booth at K 2019: the place to be

From simple quick connections to complex fully automatized systems, Stäubli provides a wide range of solutions to increase your productivity. Visit us at K 2019 where we will showcase our new IMM cell, complete with live demonstrations, and discover how our solutions fit into the different stages of the mold change process, including maintenance, preheating and transfer. See how these applications work in parallel with each other, saving you time during the production process. 

Our experts will be available to discuss your requirements, how we can help to improve your current mold change processes and how our solutions can increase your productivity and OEE.

To book an appointment in our booth H21 / Hall 11, with one of our specialists please click here.

Stäubli can support your ROI at every stage of the journey, whether it’s a short-, medium- or long-term investment.

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Improve your OEE, improve your competitiveness.

Today, the plastics industry faces a rapidly increasing demand for smaller volumes of more product types. This requires a higher number of mold changes, decreasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and impacting your competitiveness. Reducing durations of downtime during mold changes is therefore essential. By analyzing your production cycles, Stäubli can recommend areas of efficiency improvements using your existing equipment. Our QMC solutions are adaptable to your company’s strategy and future business plans

"The most important time during a production run is the time when we are not making anything."

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Optimize OEE

 Overall Equipment Efficiency in the plastics industry.

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6 ways to save time

Mold preheating, connection of energy circuits, mold clamping, mold transfer and loading, predictive inspection and mold maintenance as well as tool changing on robots.