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Thermocoupling modules

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Thermocouple allows for the precise measurement of temperatures. Between two wires of different materials, a voltage is generated that varies according to the rise in temperature. With Stäubli thermocouple contacts, you can extend the measurement chains or lay them out as plug contact connections.

Thermocouple pressure contacts are available for 5 different types of sensor: E, J, K, N, and T. For that reason, Stäubli has developed different types of spring loaded contacts from the 7 most commonly used materials: chromel, constantan, iron, alumel, nicrosil, nisil and copper.


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Modules with 5 different sensor types: E, J, K, N, and T, Spring contacts from chromel, constantan, iron, alumel, nicrosil, nisil, and copper material, 3-pole contact carrier (EPTR) for two Thermocouple contacts plus one 1.5mm earth (PE) pin and 100’000 mating cycles

Thermocouple modules