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Data modules

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Depending on your application, different types of data solutions are available. Those include 10 Gbit Ethernet (CAT6A, RJ45, M12), Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, CAN-BUS, Coaxial (Crimp, SMA), glass and plastic optical fiber.  

Coaxial 6 GHz

Stäubli AG - CT-Coaxial-6-GHz-tim-2x-47373-jpg-orig.jpg

The coaxial unit 6 GHz is used for data as well as digital audio and video transmission, for RG58, RG316, and RG188 cables. Available with SMA or crimp termination.

Coaxial unit 6 GHz

Coaxial 1.5 GHz

Stäubli AG - CT-Coaxial-1-5-GHz-tim-2x-47376-jpg-orig.jpg

For coaxial cables type RG58 and RG59 up to 1.5 GHz.

Coaxial unit 1.5 GHz

BUS system data transfer

Stäubli AG - CT-BUS-system-data-transfer-tim-2x-47379-jpg-orig.jpg

Carriers and contacts for CAT5 Ethernet IEEE 802.3, Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, CAN-BUS.

Data transfer unit

BUS data with RJ45 interface

Stäubli AG - CT-BUS-data-with-RJ45-interface-tim-2x-47382-jpg-orig.jpg

The 10 Mbit module is used for Ethernet communication up to 10 Mbit (CAT5)

Data transfer RJ45

Fiber optic

Stäubli AG - CT-Fiber-optic-tim-2x-47385-jpg-orig.jpg

For the connection of glass or plastic optical fiber cables. Standard and lens versions available.

Optical fiber unit

10 Gbit Ethernet CAT6A

Stäubli AG - CT-10Gbit-Ethernet-CAT6A-tim-2x-47388-jpg-orig.jpg

The 10 Gbit module is used for Ethernet communication up to 10 Gbit (CAT6A). Available with RJ45 or M12 (x-coded) termination.

10 Gbit Ethernet module