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Customized solutions

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As a solutions provider, Stäubli Electrical Connectors specializes in designing customized solutions.

Each CombiTac uniq can be 100% customized to meet your exact dimensional and technical specifications. This may include dimensioning to exact size specifications, use of special resistant carrier materials, integration of customer specific parts in CombiTac uniq solution (special enclosures, handles, etc.). 

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CombiTac connectors combined in Stäubli MCS plates

CombiTac integrated in Staubli coupling systems. Space- and cost-saving solution, adapted to meet exact customer size specifications.

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Materials for harsh environments

Use of special PA or PEEK material to meet strict application requirements (e.g. railway). Special pins for higher power levels (up to 430 A).

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100% adapted size

Ideal for customers that want to replace non-CombiTac connectors without the need to redesign their product or make dimensional/cutout changes. 

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Complete solutions

CombiTac is delivered complete, with pre-assembled cables. Customers benefit from a single supplier solution for all parts.