CombiTac applications

Electrical / electronic equipment

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CombiTac connectors are used with electrical & electronic equipment such as testing and electronic equipment in development, manufacturing and production facilities, test adapters and test cabinets, as well as electrical and electronic equipment in various industrial applications. 

CombiTac modular connectors can reach high power levels up to 300 A / 5 kV, and include all the necessary signal and data contacts in a single space-saving modular connector system for rack and panel mounting, or within an appropriate housing.

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Power supplies and switch equipment

CombiTac rack and panel mount solutions are used for connecting power rack modules to power supplies and switch equipment. The strong design and float mounting features for misalignment absorption help ensure a quick and easy insertion of the heavy modules.

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Media interface

CombiTac panel mount connectors are used for connecting media interfaces for error-free transfer of power, control, signal, and video. 
The CombiTac system ensures size restriction requirements are met and significant costs are reduced to the minimum.

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Production testing

CombiTac is used for manually connecting various test cabinets to the main test & measurement equipment, and provides a single interface point for the transfer of power, signal, and data. CombiTac offers quick and easy reconfiguration on site.

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Testing equipment

CombiTac guarantees a reliable connection between the test rig and the equipment under test, and guarantees the quick and safe connecting and disconnecting of all power, signal and data connections in one single step.