Robotic tool changing systems

MPS COMPLETE – Ready-to-use application solutions

The ready-to-use robotic tool changer MPS COMPLETE covers the majority of standardized tool applications. Its transmission control module complies with the most common international production processes for robotic tool changing systems. Simply select a completely configured solution from our comprehensive product line.


  • Orders from this product line can be delivered within the shortest possible timeframe.
  • Additions to the transmission control modules can be made at any time.
  • The robot cable package easily connects to standardized international interfaces, eliminating confusion.
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MPS 020

Stäubli AG - MPS20-tim-2x-41846-jpg-orig.jpg

Payload: 20 kg
Bending Moment: 30 Nm (static),
105 Nm (dynamic)
Torsion Moment: 30 Nm (static),
105 Nm (dynamic)

Robotic tool changer MPS 020

MPS 032