Robotic tool changer MPS 1530

The MPS 1530 is an ideal solution for use in automotive body shops and the aerospace industry. Thanks to its modular design, this extremely flexible tool changer can be configured for just about any application. Modules with couplings for compressed air, liquid coolant, high pressure hydraulics, power, data, fiber optics and more are positioned around a very robust pneumatic locking unit.

Applications: Automotive body shop, nuclear industry, aerospace industry, hole punching, material handling, spot welding, SPR riveting, clinching, stud welding, roller hemming, glueing and best-fit assembly

Technical data

  • Payload up to 1,530 kg
  • Bending moment up to 12,500 Nm
  • Torsion moment up to 12,500 Nm 
  • Pneumatic safety locking unit 
  • Operating air pressure: min. 4.5 bar – max. 12 bar
  • A-160, A-200 mounting flange
  • High repeatability
  • Easy exchange of serviceable parts 
  • Safety Performance Level d

Available modules

  • Connectors for data and electrical signals
  • Welding power connector 
  • Connectors for air, vacuum and cooling 
  • Hydraulic connector 
  • Transfer module for fasteners (nuts, rivets, studs, etc.) 
  • Safety schematic 
  • Data bus module

Components & modules MPS 1530

Programming jig

  • Easy-to-use programming jig to minimize programming time and improve accuracy